Only God Forgives review


By Arthur Yeung

The dreamteam consisting of director Nicolas Winding Refn (Valhalla Rising) and leading man Ryan Gosling (The Notebook) who delivered us Drive dazzle again with Only God Forgives. Julian (Gosling) must confront his brother’s killer and mother played by an amazingly villainous Kristin Scott Thomas, who arrives in a typically exotic-looking Bangkok to bury her eldest son and rejuvenate the family’s drug empire. Between punches of eroticism and flashes of gore, not all audience members will be down with the subtle pacing and meticulous art direction. But those who succumb to Refn’s world where the hero rarely breaks his stone-face and wooden gait (aided by the dressiest and most versatile pair of black boots) will find a lot to chew on in this highly stylized film.

Opens July 19 in theatres Toronto, Vancouver, Calgary, Montreal and VOD.

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Spring Breakers review: Grrrls on Top


By Barbara Goslawski

Spring break is the epitome of excess. In the movies, this yearly ritual lends itself to simplistic depictions of the sex, drugs and rock ‘n roll variety. It also raises the shackles of us feminists who don’t want to see another exploitive film about girls. Until now. Harmony Korine in Spring Breakers toys with these conventional trappings to the point of spinning this genre on its head. The result is oddly exhilarating in a completely unexpected way: Korine creates a film that I can only describe as uncomfortably brilliant.

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Frameline returns to Radio Regent from Summer break on Thursday, August 29.